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As the Principal College of the MMI Group, MMI London presides over the curriculum and delivery of Montessori in all of MMI’s international training schools and pre-schools. MMI London is also the master franchisor of MMI Egypt, MMI Kenya and MMI Nigeria.

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Currently MMI appointed two unit franchisees that extend both teacher training courses and child development services. In 2006, MMI appointed MMI Menteng as our first franchisee. In 2008, MMI collaborated with MMI Pantai Indah Kapuk. Both Franchisees are located in the subdistricts of Central Jakarta.

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The latest frontier of MMI international expansion is Vietnam. MMI has bought 20,000 square feet of land to build a preschool in Binh Duong, a rapidly growing province north of Ho Chi Minh City, where two Vietnam Singapore Industrial Parks are located.

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In 2003, a joint venture partnership between MMI and India’s influential Jaipuria Group, MMI India is one of the Group’s two South Asian representations. It has its own building in Gurgaon as well as schools in Kozhikode and various parts of Delhi.

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In 2004, MMI established MMI Sri Lanka Pvt Ltd as a joint venture. MMI Sri Lanka’s primary objective is to raise the local standard of Montessori preschool education; it has plans to develop 30 centres in Sri Lanka over the next 5 years.

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A country franchisee under the purview of MMI London, MMI Kenya is a collaborative effort with the Montessori Learning Center in Nairobi and one of the Group’s three African representations.

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In 2006, a country franchisee under the purview of MMI London, MMI Nigeria is a collaborative effort with Chelis Education Consult Limited in Lagos.

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A new franchise operating under MMI London, MTC Cyprus now open in Nicosia.

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