Chairman’s Pledge

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Chairman’s Pledge

To us at the Modern Montessori (MMI) Group, it’s more than just a phrase we coin; it’s a driving passion and heartfelt commitment to what we do that sets us apart as the premier organization devoted to providing the best in pre-school learning and education.

Our proven methodologies ensure that only the best learning environment is given to our children. From our exemplary management of pre-school services for children; through ensuring the design and delivery of our teacher-training programs to the highest quality; conducting relevant and enriching continual training and education courses providing state-of-the-art products and resources for a child’s learning.

These methodologies ensure that whichever Modern Montessori pre-school your child attends, he or she is given the same quality education that has made us a globally recognised and trusted education brand today.

The Montessori environment is child-centerd. We believe that each child should be allowed to enjoy the freedom to investigate the world which he or she lives in, thus making learning an active process.

MMI incorporates many Montessori components into its comprehensive programs. These include practical life exercises, sensorial training, Montessori language and Mathematics, cultural subjects as well as creative art.

Through this broad coverage, your child is imbued with knowledge of form, colour, mathematical concepts and cultural values. Fine motor skills and creative expressions are also developed. And my greatest personal satisfaction? To see our children smile each and every time they discover the joys of learning about their world every day.

Dr. T Chandroo
Chairman of the MMI Group


We appreciate your interest in Modern Montessori International (MMI) Group. Having the Best People is an important piece of our Company’s Vision and Core Values.If you are interested in learning more about opportunities that may be available, please contact us at 6220 8200 or email your resume to enquiry@modern-montessori.com

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