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Modern Montessori, a leader in Montessori preschool education in Singapore.

All children want to learn. With the freedom to investigate the world around them,
They will become active learners.

MMI’s Montessori environment is a nourishing place for your child, designed to meet their needs for self-construction. The Montessori education and environment are responsive to the continually changing needs of your growing child, and expression is encouraged through art, craft and drama in the Centre.

At Modern Montessori, out mission is to support your child’s physical, cognitive, and above all, social and emotional development by offering a well-rounded Montessori education near you.

In Singapore, MMI provide daycare and childcare services in addition to our preschool and kindergarten program.


“Deepa’s journey at MMI-Bukit Batok has been a remarkably enriching experience. As a K1 student, she has not only embraced academic work happily but has also blossomed into a confident and expressive child. The teachers and the rich curriculum were instrumental in helping her discover her many talents and fostering a love for learning.”

Deepa's Parents, MMI Bukit Batok

“Teachers here are thoughtful and sincere in their care and teaching of the children. They have the child’s development at heart and this is hard to find as I believe most teachers are hit with a fatigue given the general shortage of teachers now.”

Sheevonne Toh, MMI Bukit Batok

“All our 3 boys really made very quick and motivating progress in the MMI days. It was always a very emotional and heartening experience for us as parents when we first watched them learn to read from simple words to story books.”

Andi Dahrin, Arfan Daris & Ariz Dhafir's Parents, MMI Woodlands

“Our experience with MMI has been wonderful. Yuu Qing has truly benefited from their program. The caring staff and interactive environment have notably improved her social skills. It’s been a supportive place for Yuu Qing to learn and grow, and I appreciate influence the center has had on her development.”

Low Zhi Wei , Tee Yuu Qing's Mother

“We’re thankful for the constant and consistent approach taken, as well as the relevant updates and assurances on Hannan’s development. This has convinced us that we made the right decision to send Hannan to MMI Bukit Batok. Because of that we have also decided to send his younger brother to MMI Bukit Batok as well.”

Hannan's Mother, MMI Bukit Batok

“My son is very happy going to school. He is well prepared for P1: neat writing, and have good chinese foundation. Ms Linda is very caring and he likes her very much.”

Le Thi Hi Yen, MMI Kovan

“Hi! I am from the MMI graduating batch of 2016 and I have been very successful after. I met up with one of my kindergarten friends in secondary school, and can confirm that we were both at Raffles now because of MMI’s foundation. Thank you!!”

Janu , Ex-MMI Kovan's Student
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