Montessori Preschool Curriculum

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Each child is unique and develops at his/her own rate through developmental stages and different learning style.

The Montessori preschool curriculum offers a range of activities for your child to develop holistically at his own rate.
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Uniquely Montessori Curriculum:

1. Practical Life

The practical Life exercises provide a wholesome range of activities that allow your child to develop control and coordination of movement, awareness of his/her environment, good work habits, responsibility, concentration, attention, independence, order and a positive self-image, through spontaneous and purposeful work.

2. Sensorial Education

Sensorial exercises help prepare for intellectual development in an orderly manner. Sensorial materials introduce the concepts of colour, weight, shape, textual, size, sound and smell in an enjoyable way. Lay the foundation for understanding the world.
“The hands are the instruments of men’s intellectual.” Dr Maria Montessori

3. Mathematics

The Montessori preschool curriculum is firmly based on learning through experience. Our children are exposed to the world of numbers and arithmetic through the Montessori hands-on mathematics materials. The Montessori preschool curriculum will help your child to understand numbers, basic operations and gradually they are moved towards an abstract understanding of concepts such as Geometry and Fractions.

4. Language

The Montessori language program is phonetic based approach to reading. The development of language pervades the whole classroom as children shares their discoveries, learn new songs, listen to stories and work with a variety of Montessori language materials to learn to read and write.

5. Cultural

The cultural area introduces the child to the world beyond the classroom. Nature and global awareness is taught in the classroom through the use of globes, land forms, puzzles and the study of plants and animals.

Value Added Programmes:

1. MMI’s News Hour Programme

The programme prepares the child to grow and excel in an increasingly cosmopolitan environment and inter-cultural world. The planned hands-on activities based n real events provide children with the platform to understand his world and appreciates the dynamic nature of world happenings.

2. Passport to the World

MMI’s passports is your child’s ticket to an exciting global adventure. Inspire a love and understanding of the world as your child learns about a country’s geography, people history and culture in a fun and memorable way. Children will enjoy new songs, learn new crafts, listen to folktales, explore national flowers and animals and even learn new languages.

3. MMI’s Speak to be Heard! Programme

Nothing excites children than being able to express themselves openly and without fear. The experiences that children go through in their early years can greatly affect the development of their creativity. Children gain a sense of achievement and feel good about themselves when they are able to create something using their own emotions and experiences. The creative and engaging programme develop in children confidence and stretches their imagination and provide them the opportunity to articulate and express themselves creatively.

4. Travellers’ Palm

Travellers’ Palm programme provides children with great opportunities for writing; from a simple post card, to writing a letter and moving on to an electronic media- Emails. The Travellers’ Palm provides an exchange platform as children use different media to communicate with other children from different centres and countries. The Travellers’ Palm allows children to journey creatively as they use their imagination and thoughts to express themselves.

5. TUMOS (Thumbs up Morning Opening Session)

TUMOS is an interactive holistic vertical activity in which older students are picked to be leader of the week because of their ability to be a good role model. TUMOS is designed to encourage younger children to learn from the older children positive ways to focus on using their senses.

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