How to Teach Phonics Effectively to Young Children Workshop

I’m sure you have heard how phonics is a useful tool in helping preschool children learn to read. However, have you ever wondered how exactly phonics is taught? Or, how it can be used in both the classroom and your home? Well, those questions were answered in our recent “How to Teach Phonics Effectively To Young Children” workshop that was held at MMI HQ. The workshop was split into two sessions- one on the 26th of June and the second on the 3rd of July. It covered a comprehensive range of topics on the basics of phonics, the different stages in phonics development, and demonstrations of Montessori activities and resources used to teach phonics!

With a group of joyful and eager-to-learn participants that were made up of a mix of parents and educators, the workshop went by smoothly with lots of learning and laughter.

“The trainer was very down to earth. He used concrete examples to teach phonics. It is very useful for a preschool educator like me.”
– U, Preschool Educator 

“Great way to stimulate my mind and allowed me to really think about how English can be better taught to my kid! Brief two days course that is intensive enough for me to start my journey in teaching my child phonics and reading. Thank you trainers and MMI Academy!”
-S, Parent

Check out this great review from one of our participants here!

Check out some of the highlights of our workshop here:

Meaningful conversations with our instructors who helped us clarify every doubt!


Live demonstrations to help illustrate the concepts taught in a more digestible and engaging manner!

From theory into practice! There were lots of opportunities for us to participate in hands-on activities to test our understanding of the concepts taught. Learning from our fellow like-minded participants is a fruitful experience too!

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