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Navigating the Montessori Preschool Curriculum: A Parent’s Guide

May 3rd, 2024|0 Comments

Introduction to Montessori Preschool in Singapore The Montessori preschool curriculum in Singapore prioritises hands-on learning and self-directed activities, fostering independence and creativity in children. Early education plays [...]

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Choosing the Right Childcare Centre in Singapore: Why Montessori Matters

May 3rd, 2024|0 Comments

Selecting the Right Daycare Centre in Singapore Choosing the right childcare centre in Singapore is crucial for parents as it ensures their child's safety, development, and happiness [...]

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Traditional VS Montessori Preschool Education: What Sets Them Apart?

May 3rd, 2024|0 Comments

Preschool Education in Singapore In Singapore, preschool education offers various options for parents to consider. Choosing the right preschool is crucial for your child's holistic development. It's [...]

Starting Montessori at Home

August 13th, 2021|0 Comments

Montessori At Home  You might have heard about the Montessori schools and their educational programs, but did [...]

How to Teach Phonics Effectively to Young Children Workshop

July 30th, 2021|0 Comments

I’m sure you have heard how phonics is a useful tool in helping preschool children learn [...]

Debunking Montessori Myths

July 9th, 2021|0 Comments

When you hear the word ‘Montessori’, what comes to mind? Perhaps you have heard that Montessori [...]

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July 5th, 2018|0 Comments

Here is the Center List Images Of Modern Montessori International Group please take a look at it.

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MMI Student Tops School for PSLE

July 3rd, 2018|0 Comments

“Before you begin your parenting journey, aspire to go somewhere.”Many Singaporean parents would scoff at such a statement.In a results driven country like ours, aspiration

MMI childcare Video

July 2nd, 2015|0 Comments

Here is the new video Of Modern Montessori International Group childcare Video please take a look at [...]


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Frequently Asking Questions

What is Montessori? 2022-12-28T09:33:50+00:00

Montessori is an educational method discovered by Dr. Maria Montessori and has been effective for more than 100 years. The Montessori environment allows children to express themselves as individuals. The children explore and learn through discovery at their own pace with the teacher as a  facilitator. Children work individually and in groups, exploring with the materials .The Montessori environment nurtures independence and self confidence they need to succeed in all aspects of their lives.

Why is Montessori different from other approaches? 2022-12-28T09:34:05+00:00

Montessori different from other educational approaches in ways. In Montessori, children learn through hands on activities rather than only through listening and memorizing. The Montessori classroom provides children with a variety of learning experiences. The Montessori method caters to both individual and group learning. The materials in a Montessori classroom are carefully designed to fit the developmental needs and characteristics of children.

Why choose Montessori? 2022-12-28T09:34:13+00:00

Montessori is a holistic education supporting the growth of the child at every stage of development. Montessori is a methodology that follows the core philosophy of following the child. It believes that children can thrive within the Montessori environment. Dr. Maria Montessori’s believed that the critical years of childhood from 0-12 years are the most important in the formation of the human being. Montessori is the best method that instils a love for learning and gives the child a clear understanding of the world around him/her.

Are Montessori students more successful? 2022-12-28T09:37:05+00:00

Research was done among 140 students at the start of the preschool and found that both the Montessori and non-Montessori kids began at age three with similar achievement scores. The 70 students who went to the Montessori schools advanced more rapidly on Language & Literacy and Math tests over the next three years.

Is Montessori religious? 2022-12-28T09:37:35+00:00

Like every other method of teaching in Early childhood, no particular religion is taught as part of M, but that all religions, and all peoples are respected.  Respect is a key component in a Montessori classroom – respect for the child, respect for the environment, respect for others and respect for oneself.
Religion is looked at from a cultural and sociological point of view.  Children are invited to explore the cultures throughout the world and can see that there are many different religions.

What kind of environment does Montessori offer? 2022-12-28T09:39:08+00:00

Montessori offers prepared environment for the children. The prepared environment facilitates and maximizes independent learning and exploration in children. It is a well-ordered environment that involves a lot of movement and activities for children. They are free to choose and work on activities they like to work on at their own pace.

Does Montessori emphasize on competitiveness? 2022-12-28T09:42:26+00:00

Montessori approach believes that a child will self-construct and self-perfect independently. Thus, competition in a school is not necessary. When there is competition, it will obstruct the child’s motivation, make them doubt their abilities. Even when older aged group children compete with one other but it is chosen by themselves. In Montessori, children learn to compete with themselves and put in the best effort.

When is the best time to start with us? 2022-12-28T09:42:52+00:00

Admission is open at all levels based upon availability. Priority is given to siblings of current students followed by public. Our expert faculty is experienced in assisting new students with the transition to our Montessori School.

How do our students transit to traditional high school from our Montessori school? 2022-12-28T09:43:57+00:00

By the time student reach the elementary level, they have developed a deep abstraction of all concepts learned. They can spend more time working with more written work. While there is more time spent on writing and test taking, the emphasis remains on independence, concentration, mastery and order in their work. The result shows in our students’ level of self-confidence, sense of self, approach to learning and collaborative and critical thinking skills. This in turn, leads to a smooth transition to high school and their life after.

Are students introduced to technology and computer in our school? 2022-12-28T09:45:04+00:00

Yes, computer and technology training are introduced in our school. Instruction in real-world programs, such as word processing, Excel and PowerPoint are provided to students. They also use computers to do research for class assignments. As students progress into upper levels, computers are fully integrated into the classrooms for research and multi-subject use.

How do I know if Montessori is suitable for my child? 2022-12-28T09:45:51+00:00

We believe that Montessori is for all children. In a Montessori school, children learn at their own pace with lessons specifically designed to target whatever skill they are currently practicing. Children learn mostly in small groups or individually with a teacher who is trained in Montessori philosophy and use of the materials. Children learn without being worried that they are “ahead” or “behind” others because they are always taught at their own level. You may also research about Elementary Montessori and observe our Montessori classroom.

Is Physical Education included? 2022-12-28T09:48:34+00:00

Yes, our school offers engaging physical education for students. All our students are engaged in challenging gross and fine motor activities.


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